Monday, June 04, 2007

So mom has the day off and has granted me the use of the computer so that I might be able to blog. This picture of me is old I've put on a few pounds since this picture was taken. But I still like to lay on top of my cage and bask in the sun when it's too misssserable outside.

In keeping with the theme of laying on peoples laps or animals as my sister Angel has pointed out in Zach's blog about laps. I also have my cousins the rats that do the same. I have a hairless one that doesn't seem to like the cage floor and will sleep on her mates back. As pictured below. Why she doesn't go to the bottom of the cage where all the soft bedding is is beyond me. Maybe she likes the company the big boys provide.

So I leave this blog asking all of you..........
What weird ways do all of you sleep?




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