Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My computer finally works and mom let me on again.

I finally got my computer back. Mom said the computer was down for over a week and then a fiber optic cable got cut. Then mom's been really busy so she wouldn't let me on the computer. But now I'm back.
The reason I have pics of dogs on my blog is because they all almost became my lunch. Mom got really mad at them all because she came home to find a little over a quater of a gallon of vegetable oil all over the kitchen floor. The dogs were puking and she had to give all the dogs baths because they were covered in oil. I think that's the worst trouble they've been in yet. Dad said it's not the dogs fault that he was the one that left the oil out and if anyones to blame it would him. What's the worst thing you've guys have done and got in trouble for? Well mom wants the computer back talk to everyone later.


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