Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sorry it's been so long

I know it's been a long time since I've had a chance to blog. Mom has been really busy lately and hasn't let me on. Mom and Dad got married in August -Photos can be seen on and alot has happened since the new year hit.

It all started off with Buddy breaking off his chain on New Years Eve. He's afraid of loud noises. He has been missing up until Monday Feb. 26th. He's 50 pounds under weight and might have to have one of his toes taken off due to frostbite. He had been living in a field behind a grocery store. He had dug a hole under a stump and has been sleeping there. He made it through the winter in 40 below weather and huge snow falls. Mom and Dad were overcome with joy when they got the call that he was found.
Mom has been in and out of the doctors to find out why she hasn't had a cycle. She and dad are trying to have a baby. Not sure why they want one when they have me for a kid. They finally found out what it is and so that has put some strain on them lately. The freezer in the garage died with lots of food and stuff in it so it stinks really bad. Truck had a flat tire and had to be replaced completely. Just lots of things going wrong.
Mom went to Juneau for a couple days for the Key Campaign. It was a bunch of people going to the capital to advocate for services and money to be put in the budget for folks with disablities. Mom took one of her clients down. She'll have photos posted on the flickr account later today.
On top of all this stuff going on she's also had to take care of all of us. It's been alot. I hope everyone has been doing well and I look foward to hearing from all of you.

Monday, June 04, 2007

So mom has the day off and has granted me the use of the computer so that I might be able to blog. This picture of me is old I've put on a few pounds since this picture was taken. But I still like to lay on top of my cage and bask in the sun when it's too misssserable outside.

In keeping with the theme of laying on peoples laps or animals as my sister Angel has pointed out in Zach's blog about laps. I also have my cousins the rats that do the same. I have a hairless one that doesn't seem to like the cage floor and will sleep on her mates back. As pictured below. Why she doesn't go to the bottom of the cage where all the soft bedding is is beyond me. Maybe she likes the company the big boys provide.

So I leave this blog asking all of you..........
What weird ways do all of you sleep?



Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I finally have a chance at the computer!!!!!!!!!!

It took mom being sick to finally let me back on the computer. She had to stay home from work for fear that she would get her clients sick. That and she could barely talk this morning.
Mom's been busy lately hence the reason I have not had the chance to get on and blog. We just recently did a reptile show. An actual show not an adoption one. We went to an elementary school. Myself and about 25 others got to go along. We got to teach the kids about what it's like to have us as a pet. That maybe it should be thought about real long and hard.
I've finally got to go back outside. There's no snow and the temp has been around 70 degrees. I love to bask in the sun and to lean on the koi pond rocks. It's like they're my personal heating pads.
Mom has also been busy trying to get last minute stuff done for her marriage to dad. It's in Aug. and fast approaching. Just recently she went over to her mothers. (Zach's master) And put together this spectacular arrangment of flowers. I think she's supposed to carry them down the aisle or something. She was gone all day doing that and invitations. Hopefully after the wedding mom will let me back on more often. I'll try to give updates when I can get her to pay attention to me.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mom's home from Maui!!!!!!!

Here I am. The day before mom left for Maui. I was clinging to her leg. Not willing to let go. I wanted mom to pack me in her suitcase and take me to Maui with her. Unfortunately that did not happen.

Here's the view right out front of the hotel mom and her group stayed at. The view was incredible. She got to see people snorkeling and even a whale came in close to the shore one day. Mom wasn't downstairs when it happened so she wasn't able to get a picture.

This is the best photo of the humpback whale mom could get. She got to go on a whale watching boat with some of her group. Her camera has a time delay and so she couldn't take photos as fast as the whales were surfacing and disappering. The humpback whales go to the Hawaiian island to breed and have their young. They don't eat the whole time they are there. Kinda cool to get to see them. Mom also got to go snorkeling at Molokini island. The instructors said that Molokini island is rated as one of the top 10 diving sites. She said she was in about 30 feet of water and you were able to see straight down to the bottom. Really clear water. and blue.

Here is a photo of the people that went of the Maui trip. Minus the staff personnel. There were five clients and 3 staff. So eight of us all together. Over all the trip sounds like it was a ton of fun. Hopefully mom will take me next time. I'd love to get out of this cold and go have some sun.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

The First Reptile Adoption/Show of the Year!!!!!
So here I am soaking in a relaxing bath getting ready for the first adoption/show of 2007. Mom gave me a good scrub down and made sure I was nice and clean for my outing. I'm starting to get used to baths. I still don't like them, but I tolerate them better now.

As soon as I walked in the door dad and I were bombarded by all these kids. I didn't mind since I love being petted. Dad kept trying to hold me but all I wanted was to get down and walk around then mom got me (dad had to go help someone pick out a rat for his snake) and all I wanted to do was be held by her.

So when dad got back he decided to hold our newest rescue this gorgeous male iguana. The local animal shelter called us 2 hours before the show asking us to come and get him. The whole night the iguana kept trying to get on dad's hat. He succeeded a couple of times. It was quite comical.

Every time mom would put me on the floor I would crawl back up her leg. Mom says we need to clip my nails. She said the every time I got to the inside of her thigh there was one nail that would hurt. It seemed to be a great turn out last night. There were lots of potential adoptees.
Oh mom's leaving me for a week and dad doesn't let me on the computer so I won't be able to blog next week. I wish I was going with mom. She's going to Maui for one whole week. She has to work the whole time. But still it beats these -20 and colder that we have been getting lately. Well mom's kicking me off here now so I will talk to everyone later.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

My latest reptile adoption/show!!!!!!

So mom took me to the reptile adoption/show yesterday. Here she is holding me. I like being held. She tells me I'm the mascot and that everyone loves to see me, so I always get to come along. Their were lots of people there and I got lots of love from everyone. I got thristy while I was there this time so I ventured over to the turtle and using them for support got myself something to drink. They didn't seem to mind any.
The water was so good I had to lick all of it off my lips. Mom held me up for support. She didn't want me hitting the cold hard ground.

Since mom was holding me dad held little iggy. I'm sorry to say I will never get to see little iggy again. She got adopted out today. She will be getting a new home with new owners who will love her forever.
I hope everyone had good holidays. Sorry I haven't been able to write. Mom's been busy covering extra shift at work. I hope to get on after the holiday. Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

So a few weeks back we got a lady and her husband bring in this giant iguana they call Walker. They asked mom and dad if they would be able to board him at their house while they move their house. Mom and dad said yes and so here he is. He's huge. I think he's as big as me if not a little bigger. I've never seen an iguana this size.

This new photo of myself was taken yesterday. Mom decided to give me a bath and I decided I didn't want one. I was perfectly happy lying on the side of the tube.

It's been quite busy around here with mom pulling extra shifts at work and dad had problems with the heat twice. It got really cold in the house we had to use space heaters. The first time the heating duct pipe thingys froze and cracked and started leaking water. That time wasn't so bad because it only got down to 60 degrees. The second time we ran out of oil to heat the house. Dad thought we had some in the tank but it was all gone. So the next morning when the opened he went and got some. But that wasn't the only thing wrong with the furnace. This little piece that has a filter on it got plugged and dad said that could end up in a fire so he replaced it and the heat returned. That day it got down to 55 degrees and when you're used to a house that stays around 80 degrees at all times that's cold.

Mom found out the other day that her sister is coming home. She ran out of money and called mom if she could come home. So grandma hasn't been blogging because she decided to fly down to Seattle and drive back up with her. I hope they get home soon and took lots of photos. The mountains are really pretty with all the snow on them this time of year. Well I gotta go mom's say she has to do some work before her god daughters b-day party today. Mom's posted some new photos on her flickr account so feel free to click over there and see all my cousins that live with me and all the new photos and older ones as well.

Hope everyones holidays have been going great.

P.S. Here's where mom and dad spent Thanksgiving day.