Saturday, January 27, 2007

The First Reptile Adoption/Show of the Year!!!!!
So here I am soaking in a relaxing bath getting ready for the first adoption/show of 2007. Mom gave me a good scrub down and made sure I was nice and clean for my outing. I'm starting to get used to baths. I still don't like them, but I tolerate them better now.

As soon as I walked in the door dad and I were bombarded by all these kids. I didn't mind since I love being petted. Dad kept trying to hold me but all I wanted was to get down and walk around then mom got me (dad had to go help someone pick out a rat for his snake) and all I wanted to do was be held by her.

So when dad got back he decided to hold our newest rescue this gorgeous male iguana. The local animal shelter called us 2 hours before the show asking us to come and get him. The whole night the iguana kept trying to get on dad's hat. He succeeded a couple of times. It was quite comical.

Every time mom would put me on the floor I would crawl back up her leg. Mom says we need to clip my nails. She said the every time I got to the inside of her thigh there was one nail that would hurt. It seemed to be a great turn out last night. There were lots of potential adoptees.
Oh mom's leaving me for a week and dad doesn't let me on the computer so I won't be able to blog next week. I wish I was going with mom. She's going to Maui for one whole week. She has to work the whole time. But still it beats these -20 and colder that we have been getting lately. Well mom's kicking me off here now so I will talk to everyone later.