Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mom's home from Maui!!!!!!!

Here I am. The day before mom left for Maui. I was clinging to her leg. Not willing to let go. I wanted mom to pack me in her suitcase and take me to Maui with her. Unfortunately that did not happen.

Here's the view right out front of the hotel mom and her group stayed at. The view was incredible. She got to see people snorkeling and even a whale came in close to the shore one day. Mom wasn't downstairs when it happened so she wasn't able to get a picture.

This is the best photo of the humpback whale mom could get. She got to go on a whale watching boat with some of her group. Her camera has a time delay and so she couldn't take photos as fast as the whales were surfacing and disappering. The humpback whales go to the Hawaiian island to breed and have their young. They don't eat the whole time they are there. Kinda cool to get to see them. Mom also got to go snorkeling at Molokini island. The instructors said that Molokini island is rated as one of the top 10 diving sites. She said she was in about 30 feet of water and you were able to see straight down to the bottom. Really clear water. and blue.

Here is a photo of the people that went of the Maui trip. Minus the staff personnel. There were five clients and 3 staff. So eight of us all together. Over all the trip sounds like it was a ton of fun. Hopefully mom will take me next time. I'd love to get out of this cold and go have some sun.