Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I finally have a chance at the computer!!!!!!!!!!

It took mom being sick to finally let me back on the computer. She had to stay home from work for fear that she would get her clients sick. That and she could barely talk this morning.
Mom's been busy lately hence the reason I have not had the chance to get on and blog. We just recently did a reptile show. An actual show not an adoption one. We went to an elementary school. Myself and about 25 others got to go along. We got to teach the kids about what it's like to have us as a pet. That maybe it should be thought about real long and hard.
I've finally got to go back outside. There's no snow and the temp has been around 70 degrees. I love to bask in the sun and to lean on the koi pond rocks. It's like they're my personal heating pads.
Mom has also been busy trying to get last minute stuff done for her marriage to dad. It's in Aug. and fast approaching. Just recently she went over to her mothers. (Zach's master) And put together this spectacular arrangment of flowers. I think she's supposed to carry them down the aisle or something. She was gone all day doing that and invitations. Hopefully after the wedding mom will let me back on more often. I'll try to give updates when I can get her to pay attention to me.


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