Saturday, December 30, 2006

My latest reptile adoption/show!!!!!!

So mom took me to the reptile adoption/show yesterday. Here she is holding me. I like being held. She tells me I'm the mascot and that everyone loves to see me, so I always get to come along. Their were lots of people there and I got lots of love from everyone. I got thristy while I was there this time so I ventured over to the turtle and using them for support got myself something to drink. They didn't seem to mind any.
The water was so good I had to lick all of it off my lips. Mom held me up for support. She didn't want me hitting the cold hard ground.

Since mom was holding me dad held little iggy. I'm sorry to say I will never get to see little iggy again. She got adopted out today. She will be getting a new home with new owners who will love her forever.
I hope everyone had good holidays. Sorry I haven't been able to write. Mom's been busy covering extra shift at work. I hope to get on after the holiday. Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe.



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